Adam Laxalt

Laxalt is the state attorney general, elected in 2014, and the grandson of U.S. Sen. Paul Laxalt. He served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy during the Iraq War, working as a Judge Advocate General.

Dan Schwartz

Schwartz is the state treasurer, elected in 2014. He is a former businessman, working in Asia and Silicon Valley, and served in the United States Army during the Cold War.

Chris Giunchigliani

Giunchigliani is the vice-chair of the Clark County Commission, elected in 2006. She previously taught special education and served eight terms as a state assemblywoman.

Steve Sisolak

Sisolak is the Clark County Commission chair, elected in 2008. He previously served on the Nevada Board of Regents for 10 years and had a career in telemarketing.

Other Candidates
William "Bill" Boyd, Republican
Stephanie Carlisle, Republican
Frederick L. Conquest, Republican
Edward F. Dundas, Republican
Jared Fisher, Republican
Stanleigh "Stan" Lusak, Republican
Ryan Bundy, Nonpartisan
Jared Lord, Libertarian
Russell Best, Independent American
John Bonaventura, Democrat
Asheesh Dewan, Democrat
David Jones, Democrat
Henry Thorns, Democrat


Voter Registration
Red indicates that a majority of registered voters in the district are Republican. Purple indicates a "swing" district that has a registration differential between Republicans and Democrats that is within 5 points. Blue indicates a voter registration count that is predominantly Democratic.
Click the Nevada map to see voter registration for each district. This data is current as of May 2018 and will be updated monthly as new information becomes available.
Recent Polls
NV Gov. - Sisolak vs. LaxaltThe Independent Poll4/12/18Sisolak 43, Laxalt 37 (MOE ±4%)Sisolak +6
NV Gov. - Giunchigliani vs. LaxaltThe Independent Poll4/12/18Laxalt 40, Giunchigliani 38 (MOE ±4%)Laxalt +2
NV Gov. - Sisolak vs. GiunchiglianiThe Independent Poll4/12/18Sisolak 44, Giunchigliani 16 (MOE ±4.9%)Sisolak +28
NV Gov. - Laxalt vs. SchwartzThe Independent Poll4/12/18Laxalt 55, Schwartz 4 (MOE ±4.9%)Laxalt +51
Trump ApprovalThe Independent Poll4/12/18Approve 39, Disapprove 56 (MOE ±4%)Disapprove + 17
Trump ApprovalPublic Policy Polling4/4/18Approve 40, Disapprove 55 (MOE ±3.3%)Disapprove +15
Trump ApprovalPublic Policy Polling3/21/18Approve 45, Disapprove 51 (MOE ±3.7%)Disapprove +6
NV Gov. - Sisolak vs. LaxaltTarget Smart1/16/18Laxalt 37, Sisolak 34 (MOE ±4.4%)Laxalt +3
NV Gov. - Giunchigliani vs. LaxaltTarget Smart1/16/18Laxalt 39, Giunchigliani 34 (MOE ±4.4%)Laxalt +5
Trump ApprovalTargetSmart1/16/18Favorable 39, Unfavorable 41 (MOE ±4.4%)Unfavorable +2
Gubernatorial Race News
Finance reports reveal aggressive spending in the gubernatorial race, big money for the Energy Choice Initiative (5/23/18)
Sisolak, Giunchigliani square off over minimum wage, guns in first Democratic gubernatorial debate (5/22/18)
Indy Fact Check: Giunchigliani ad on Red Rock development, donations to Sisolak needs significant context (5/21/18)
EMILY's List begins sending political mail for Giunchigliani ahead of June primary (5/16/18)
Titus lends support for Sisolak in his latest television ad (5/15/18)
New ad pans Giunchigliani for laughing at meeting while public commenter speaks (5/14/18)
With public lands bill on the table, should Las Vegas grow out or grow up? (5/13/18)
Sisolak, Giunchigliani both back state funding for Planned Parenthood, no restrictions on abortion access (5/11/18)
Giunchigliani, who wants to be known as the 'Education Governor,' debuts plan for improving schools (5/10/18)
New ad from Clark County teacher's union takes aim at Giunchigliani for paying late husband from campaign account (5/9/18)
Governor hopefuls weigh in on Medicaid, homelessness at forum hosted by faith-based groups (5/9/18)
New Facebook ad campaign slams Laxalt for not renouncing embattled Storey County sheriff (5/8/18)
Sisolak starts negative ad against Giunchigliani, says she's not a progressive (5/8/18)
County commissioner accuses Giunchigliani of misleading voters in new ad (5/7/18)
Super PAC that backed Clinton launching six-figure digital ad campaign against Adam Laxalt (5/7/18)
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