State Assembly
Assembly District 2
★ Incumbent
John Hambrick

Hambrick has represented Assembly District 2 since 2008. He served as speaker during the 2015 session. Before retiring, he worked for nearly three decades in federal law enforcement, including on the presidential protection detail of the U.S. Secret Service.

Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce
Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers
Nevada Conservation League
Jennie Sherwood

Sherwood worked as a journeywoman electrician for IBEW Local 357 for 15 years and served as Unit III chairperson for the union for seven years, leading members through three contract negotiations.

Nevada AFL-CIO
Nevada State Education Association
Las Vegas Police Protective Association
National Organization for Women
Moms Demand Action
Voter Registration
598,174 (38%)
523,251 (34%)
439,503 (28%)
Red indicates that a majority of registered voters in the district are Republican. Purple indicates a "swing" district that has a registration differential between Republicans and Democrats that is within 5 points. Blue indicates a voter registration count that is predominantly Democratic.
Click the Nevada map to see voter registration for each district. This data is current as of October 20, 2018 and reflect the final numbers for the general election.
Recent Polls
Question 3Suffolk University/Reno Gazette Journal9/11/18Oppose 51, Support 32 (MOE ±4.4%)Oppose +19
Trump ApprovalSuffolk University/Reno Gazette Journal9/11/18Favorable 44.8, Unfavorable 49.4 (MOE ±4.4%)Unfavorable +4.6
Question 3Suffolk University/Reno Gazette Journal7/31/18Oppose 46, Support 31 (MOE ±4.4%)Oppose +15
Trump ApprovalThe Independent Poll4/12/18Approve 39, Disapprove 56 (MOE ±4%)Disapprove + 17
Trump ApprovalPublic Policy Polling4/4/18Approve 40, Disapprove 55 (MOE ±3.3%)Disapprove +15
Trump ApprovalPublic Policy Polling3/21/18Approve 45, Disapprove 51 (MOE ±3.7%)Disapprove +6
Trump ApprovalTargetSmart1/16/18Favorable 39, Unfavorable 41 (MOE ±4.4%)Unfavorable +2
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