2-Minute Preview: Unarmed combat, eviction changes up for hearings

Megan Messerly
Megan Messerly
Riley Snyder
Riley Snyder

Only a handful of bills will be up for a hearing before state lawmakers on Thursday, as the Legislature’s first week starts to draw to a close.

For the most part, legislators will continue hearing presentations on a variety of state departments and agencies in normally scheduled committee hearings, although measures affecting unarmed combat, changing eviction notices and repealing clean air standards for vehicles in large counties are all scheduled to be heard.

The budget subcommittees on general government will also meet Thursday to discuss several Department of Agriculture budget accounts.

For more information on the status of bills working their way through the Legislature, check out The Nevada Independent’s bill tracker. And for the bills in committee today, check out the Legislature’s website for committee times and links to watch.

Here’s what’s on deck for state lawmakers on Thursday:

SB29: Assorted changes to unarmed combat

This bill, proposed by the Nevada Athletic Commission and up for a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee, makes a host of changes to the way the commission regulates unarmed combat events, such as amateur boxing. The legislation would, among other things, authorize the commission to adopt, revise or repeal rules relating to unarmed combat; revise the definition of “unarmed combatant;” direct money received by the commission or its executive director to the commission’s agency account instead of the state general fund; and expand the commission’s purview by allowing it to issue or revoke licenses for unarmed combat events where an admission fee is not received.

It would also provide for the issuance of temporary licenses for those slated to participate in an unarmed combat event, make changes to the temporary suspension process for licensees or permit holders, and clarify that participants in a boxing contest must be present and weighed in no later than noon on the day of the contest.

SB74: Eviction changes

This bill, filed on behalf of the Nevada Supreme Court and up for a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee, would clarify that either the tenant or the landlord can appeal a court order for eviction, establishes a five-day timeline for appeal of such an order and opens up the appeal process to mobile home park evictions. It would also allow certain complaints for relief filed by tenants to be consolidated with other actions pending between the tenant and landlord.

SB42: Repealing state vehicle fuel standards

Proposed by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Division of Environmental Protection, this bill would repeal a section of state law requiring governmental agencies in Clark and Washoe counties to maintain certain air quality standards for vehicle fleets. The bill is due to be heard in the Senate’s Growth and Infrastructure committee.


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