Jason Frierson, likely leader of Assembly, unveils his education goals for 2019 session

Democratic Assembly leader Jason Frierson wants to give teachers something a bit less tangible — more certainty about what changes the Legislature might make to education when it reconvenes in 2019. It comes on the heels of a series of teacher strikes in other states, the appointment of a new Clark County School District superintendent and a bitter schism between the state teachers’ union and its largest local affiliate.
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Judge upholds law that could disqualify hundreds of recall signatures

A Nevada District Court judge upheld the constitutionality of a state law that could remove hundreds of signatures from petitions in the politically-charged effort to recall two Democratic state senators while calling for a “complete validation” of signatures for both petitions.
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Judge sides with ACLU, says anti-sanctuary city proposal is unfit for statewide vote

Judge James Russell ruled Friday that the measure’s language was excessively broad and general and would confuse voters, according to a spokesman for the ACLU, which was a plaintiff in the case. He also said it encompassed multiple subjects in violation of a single-subject rule that governs ballot measures.
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Unintended consequence of bill to give inmates better ID cards: Maybe no ID at all

Proof of identity is critical to success — without it, people leaving prison can’t get social services, housing or a job. The problem is that it’s such a lengthy, cumbersome process to get a birth certificate. Prison officials testified it can take six to nine months to obtain one and up to eight hours of staff time per inmate to get a request in.
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Democrats' lawsuit: Thousands of signatures on Cannizzaro recall petition ineligible; special election shouldn't be called

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Clark County District Court, comes about a week after the secretary of state declared the petition to recall the freshman Democrat had qualified by a slim margin of 43 signatures. Democrats conducted their own extensive review of the approximately 17,000 signatures submitted by recall supporters.
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Secretary of State: Petition to recall Democratic state Sen. Nicole Cannizzaro has enough signatures to trigger election

By a slim margin of 43 signatures, election officials with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office said Tuesday that the petition to recall Cannizzaro had reached the required threshold to trigger a special election — though Democrats are likely to immediate challenge the signature total in court, which would block an election from immediately going forward.
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