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Coronavirus | Gaming

Gaming regulators say casino restaurants are allowed to reopen, with restrictions

May 14th, 2020 - 8:15pm
The Nevada Gaming Control Board issued a notice to the state’s licensed casino gaming industry on Thursday night outlining the steps needed for a restaurant inside a casino to reopen. The state’s gaming industry was not included in Gov. Steve Sisolak’s Phase 1 reopening plan, though restaurants and other retail stores are now allowed to operate limited in-person services with strict social distancing measures in place.

Coronavirus | Gaming

As Nevada slowly reopens, gaming comeback could be a long road

May 10th, 2020 - 2:00am
Eliminating 276,300 gaming and tourism jobs in the weeks following the unprecedented shutdown of Nevada’s casino industry on March 18 was a painful process. Now comes an even more challenging dilemma for casino operators – how many employees are brought back initially under COVID-19 health and safety guidelines established by Nevada gaming regulators last week?

Coronavirus | Gaming

Gaming commission approves safety guidelines for casino reopenings

May 7th, 2020 - 12:19pm
In an hourlong videoconference meeting on Thursday, commissioners unanimously approved guidelines released Friday by the Gaming Control Board. The seven-page document included guidance — such as limiting the number of people around table games, increasing cleaning of high-touch items such as light switches, and keeping nightclubs closed — that casinos are recommended to have in reopening plans that must be approved by regulators.

Coronavirus | Gaming

Top gaming regulator: Casinos will be required to submit detailed plans to resume business, likely including occupancy limits

April 29th, 2020 - 12:48pm
The regulatory agency that oversees casinos is already working on a policy mapping out guidelines for larger resorts and other gaming establishments to reopen, Gaming Control Board Chair Sandra Douglas Morgan said Wednesday, though the gaming industry is likely to be included in a later phase of Gov. Steve Sisolak’s reopening plan.

Economy & Business | Gaming

‘Mega resorts may initially feel like boutiques’ – Investment banker says Strip recovery will be slow, but locals gaming market positioned for a rebound

April 16th, 2020 - 2:00am
An investment banker who has been involved in the gaming sector over the last four decades told Nevada’s casino leadership that an economic recovery on the Strip from the coronavirus pandemic shutdown will be slow, accomplished in phases and is dependent on McCarran International Airport traffic returning to a high volume.

Coronavirus | Economy & Business | Gaming

Access to loans broadened for gaming businesses, but many Nevada taverns still left out

April 16th, 2020 - 2:00am
While the SBA originally blocked from a loan any business that derived one third of its annual revenue from legal gambling, the SBA guidelines were revised on Tuesday to allow “small casinos” to qualify for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans as long as gaming revenue made up less than half of total business revenue and was less than $1 million. But the change still leaves most gaming businesses, such as Malone’s, without help.



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