Shimkus hopes to show fellow House members that Yucca will work

With a dozen House lawmakers expected to visit Yucca Mountain this weekend, Illinois Republican John Shimkus, the congressional champion for building a national nuclear waste repository there, hopes seeing the site will help to broaden and consolidate support for the project.
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Execution postponed indefinitely after judge sides with pharmaceutical company, blocks drug's use

With only hours to go before Dozier’s scheduled execution on Wednesday night in Ely State Prison, District Court Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez enjoined the state from using the sedative midazolam for putting the condemned man to death. Attorneys for the state indicated that such a move would prevent the execution from happening tonight, but said they’re interested in making an emergency appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court.
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Drugs, dismemberment led 'great kid' Scott Dozier to Nevada's death row

The gruesome discovery of Jeremiah Miller's body in a Las Vegas Dumpster was the start of a murder investigation that would ultimately lead to a death sentence for Scott Dozier. Smart, artistic and popular with the ladies, Dozier, now 47, was raised in a stable family like Miller’s and was described by those who knew him as caring and thoughtful. But he was also deep into the methamphetamine world.
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The Indy Explains: Who & how Nevada has executed since 1905

The execution of Scott Raymond Dozier on Wednesday will be the first to take place in Nevada since 2006, and only the 13th since the death penalty was reinstated nationally in 1976. Early records are sparse, but here's a demographic look at the 55 people executed in Nevada since 1905.
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Updated execution manual lays out plan for Dozier's final day

A detailed manual from the Nevada Department of Corrections releases the agency’s plan for carrying out the state’s first execution in 12 years, down to the color-coding of the lethal injection syringes and the process for picking out his final meal.
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Drugmaker sues, asks court to block use of its product in Nevada execution on Wednesday

American pharmaceutical company Alvogen filed a lawsuit Tuesday in Clark County District Court, saying the Nevada Department of Corrections purchased the drug on false pretenses even though they knew Alvogen objected to its use for executions. The company is asking a judge for a temporary restraining order, for the drug midazolam to be impounded and for it to be barred from any use in capital punishment.
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