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Lady Justice perched atop the Nevada Supreme Court building

A tale of two criminal law systems

In my experience, there are three broad reasons why people choose to subject themselves to the expensive hazing ritual more commonly known as law school: 1) those who have no idea what they want to be when they grow up but figure lawyers are generally well-respected and make a lot of money so why not; 2) those who believe the United States has created the most amazing legal system in the history of history and want to become its dutiful officers; and 3) those who see it for all of its inherent flaws and need the tools to fix it or dismantle it altogether.


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Down with the prohibitionists

Images of federal “revenuers” breaking apart barrels of alcohol will always feel like a surreal chapter in early 20th Century American history. 

Dems in disarray as Whitmer faces internal battles

Nevada in 2016 saw the stirrings of what some called a revolution. A schism within the state’s Democratic party — one witnessed by the national media and brought about by Sen. Bernie Sanders’ first presidential campaign — grew ever wider across several party gatherings, eventually culminating in a battle for delegates at the state party convention.

Unfortunately, we live in the age of Twitter-driven politics

Even during the best of times, Twitter isn’t exactly the ideal online destination for finding nuanced and thoughtful analysis of complex social problems—which makes the political discussions that emanate from that platform unbearably cartoonish.

Better Voting Nevada Initiative is not my first choice, but it is a choice

There’s a certain breed of PMCs — members of the professional-managerial class, in other words — who earnestly believe they can avoid the difficult work of convincing others of the superiority of their positions and the distasteful work of directly compelling the less powerful to bend to their well.

Pandemic puppy phenomenon is a myth

The pandemic affected the world in ways that no one could have imagined. From changing how we work to how we buy groceries, we were all forced to find new ways to meet basic needs—some positive and some negative.

Our unserious times are a serious problem

So, yes, there are opportunities for the GOP, but they are putting forth a gallery of ludicrous gadflies and dangerous opportunists who are echoing Trump’s lies about the 2020 election – often trying to outdo each other with their fantastical claims and promises – and deploying rhetoric in races for important offices that is downright frightening.

Nobody's redistricting anything this weekend

Ah, redistricting, that grand decennial American tradition during which politicians around the country demand better constituents and constituents around the country chant “gerrymander” at the top of their lungs while staring cross-eyed at maps drawn from seemingly arbitrarily generated shapefiles.

The inevitable partisan sham of redistricting

Democrats are doing precisely what politically ambitious majorities before them have done when given the opportunity to forge a new (supposedly) perpetual political advantage: They’re feigning dedication to fairness and objectivity in a system that incentivizes and rewards neither. 

In recognition of our veterans in need

It’s time to celebrate Veterans Day, one of the most revered holidays of the year, to honor those who served in the military whether during a time of war or peace.

The wokeness police are at it again

My social media feed has been blowing up over the last few days with (mostly) white men preaching about the dangers of the left’s inability to meet in the middle with people they disagree with.

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