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Let the people kill!

Apparently, there wasn’t a path in 2021 for a discussion of the death penalty in the Nevada Senate. Even the governor of Nevada, who has previously indicated that he is against the death penalty and cried at a screening of a movie showing the inequities of the death penalty, said he wouldn’t sign any bill since there “wasn’t a path.”

Interstate 11 during construction

Nevada must fight for infrastructure

Infrastructure priorities, such as high-speed rail in California and Nevada, Interstate-11 near the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, water infrastructure projects, transit, clean energy and workforce development are vital.


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Clark County lands bill: A done deal?

The entire Nevada congressional delegation appears to be behind the Clark County Lands Bill, officially known as the Southern Nevada Economic Development and Conservation Act.

Are there microchips in vaccines? Is Fauci Satan?

Do you think the latest Q drop includes an instruction to stop insulting Biden voters and their concerns? Do you think the Proud Boys are telling their members to talk to Bulwark readers and reason them out of being “Never Trump”? 

Republican Rumble: The ‘storming’ of a county GOP meeting

A meeting of a local political party of either stripe is traditionally a reliable cure for insomnia. Forget a warm glass of milk and counting sheep: a few minutes of droning Democrats or rhapsodizing Republicans will normally put almost anyone to sleep.

A Battle Born epidemic — of ignorance

When Jonas Salk, inventor of the first polio vaccine, explained why he was testing his new drug on himself and his family he said, “It is courage based on confidence, not daring, and it is confidence based on experience.”

Social partitioning

Recently, there have been increased calls to boycott or otherwise penalize the Federalist Society (a conservative, libertarian, nonpartisan, nonprofit legal organization). The grounds for the boycott are straightforward.

I stand for Cuba

Cuba. I have no roots there that I know of, no family other than the extended members of my adopted clan. And yet, it pulls me, and it breaks my heart.

An Ipad with showing the health link website

The unnoticed expansion of health insurance affordability in Nevada

The passage of the public option generated national headlines which highlighted the state’s commitment to ensuring that all Nevadans have access to affordable insurance. However, there is a lot of work to be done to understand how this would impact the health care landscape and benefit Nevadans. The earliest a public option would be available through the state’s online health insurance marketplace, Nevada Health Link, is 2026.

Hello COVID my old friend

If you’re wondering why I would rather talk about a farm town on the eastern edge of the Great Basin instead of the latest phase of the pandemic — no, you’re not wondering. Which would you rather talk about?

From FBI investigation to big lie politics, ’anomalies’ mount for Nevada GOP

Through the dramatic buildup toward Election Day, the “Stop the Steal” chaos, downplaying of the COVID-19 pandemic, anti-mask and anti-vax protests, and the continued drama inside the Republican Party apparatus, the political consulting outfit McShane LLC quietly expanded its reach in Nevada politics and in races across Trump country.

The importance of an emerging technologies task force

Nevada has long been a state with a diverse population. However, in the wake of the recent economic storm front that descended upon the Silver State from the pandemic, renewed calls are underway for Nevada to diversify its economy as well.

Adaptation to climate change

Nevada is experiencing drought and heat with the warmest summers in history on average and with apocalyptic wildfires here and just next door.

The two CRTs

In 1830 President Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act, giving the federal government power to take Native held lands and force their move to what is modern day Oklahoma.

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