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Pills spilling from bottle

Former top agent: DEA’s ex-No. 2 continues to embarrass the agency

“You’re going to tell me that there’s no one in DEA that could fill those shoes, that you have to bring somebody back that has been consulting for pharmaceutical companies that created the opioid epidemic?” says ex-DEA agent.

Our partisan divide is not without precedent

American history is replete with times when divides ran so deep, and passions were so inflamed, that unhinged political quarreling, riots and even violence were stunningly common parts of life. 

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GOP leaders are, indeed, ‘rigging the system’

Clearly, if one was actually interested in increasing voter participation rates, returning to a caucus process while the state prepares for a mandatory state-run primary wouldn’t be a serious consideration.

School choice enlists parents in cultural war

Vocal advocates for school choice are pounding the socials screeching a transparently misleading, but deceptively alluring narrative: “Parents should be allowed to choose what’s best for their own kids!”

Plenty of reasons for frustration over F1 chaos

The logistical challenges of turning a highly trafficked resort corridor into a racetrack are massive and bound to cause some discontent. However, the inaccessibility of the event itself is likely to only amplify such frustrations.

Now hiring: Legislator

The legislator in this position will have leeway to vote on an array of topics and, on the last day of the session, direct appropriations to over 70 nonprofit and government organizations.

Nevada needs to join the psychedelic renaissance 

Despite being dramatically watered down, SB242, originally proposed to decriminalize psilocybin, represents part of a larger cultural shift among lawmakers away from the prohibitionist attitudes of the 20th century.

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