The dearth of technical conservatives

Let’s say, one day, you decide you want to go to Los Angeles from Las Vegas, so you get on a bus. A few hours later, you find yourself in Elko, and the driver announces that the next stop is Salt Lake City.
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The two possible Carson City scenarios

Before the ugliness that erupted last week, we already knew the stakes were high and the tactics would be low in the most important race on the ballot in November.
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Nevada’s health-care system is innovating for the Latino community

The Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce was proud to host a recent community discussion about how the health-care system is addressing the health needs of our growing Latino community. The insights shared by speakers and attendees were impressive. Simply put, health plans in the employer-based market are doing more today than ever to help ensure every member can access and maximally benefit from medical care.
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An essay on the third branch of government

“Let America be the dream the dreamers dreamed – Let it be that great strong land of love Where never kings connive nor tyrants scheme That any man be crushed by one above. (It never was America to me).”
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Less can be more with marijuana regulation

Marijuana has been legal – sort of – for a year now, and the results have been predictable. People who like smoking weed are still smoking weed. We have increased tax revenue, but also increased social costs. Has it been worth it? Will it be worth it in the future? Can we tip the cost/benefit scales to make Nevada a better place for families and non-vice industries we want to attract?
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Don't outlaw brothels, empower sex workers

Over the last week, several opinion pieces have been published regarding Nevada's laws around legal (and illegal) sex work. Every single one was reductive and borderline cruel, invalidating the autonomy of sex workers by stating they either all love or all hate their jobs; that brothels are safe or brothels are inhumane.
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Libertine, not libertarian – hookers, barbers and the price of over-regulation

As a general rule, Americans in general and Nevadans in particular are far too keen on regulating businesses and their customers. The news that a large scale audit of various occupational licensing boards revealed that many of the boards are significantly overpaying their members is irritating but not surprising – the larger the overall regulatory environment, the harder it is to maintain oversight of the regulators by anyone accountable to voters.
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Heller and Laxalt seek to emulate Trump to win in 2018

As I watched the president of the United States do his usual shtick for suckers, in the kind of place where unfunny nightclub acts thrive and in a city built on PT Barnum’s law, I couldn’t help but marvel (sigh, again) at the dumbing down of everything in the Donald Trump era.
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