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The real story on wild horses

Wild horses and burros across the American West are being decimated by outrageous helicopter roundups.  Why is this happening? 

Federal audit calls out managers, contractor at Nevada National Security Site

A contractor at the Nevada National Security Site took a substantial hit in a recent Office of Inspector General performance audit of a National Nuclear Security Administration project to better monitor the safety and reliability of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile. Released Nov. 28, the 27-page audit report raises serious questions about the credibility of the Department of Energy’s U1a Complex Enhancements Project (UCEP) located at the national security site 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas.


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It’s no longer as simple as Republican vs. Democrat

As if Nevada’s growth of non-major party registrations wasn’t evidence enough that partisan loyalty among certain voters might be waning, the results of the recent election ought to remove any remaining doubt. 

Artificial intelligence meets real politics

Last Wednesday, OpenAI — an artificial intelligence research company — released ChatGPT, a dialog-based artificial intelligence chat interface for OpenAI’s pre-trained language model, to the public. In theory, the artificial intelligence is capable of debugging code, engaging in complex conversations, and even writing a scientific paper about itself.

More student achievement data confirm pandemic school closures caused test scores to plummet

In September, the National Assessment of Educational Progress released mathematics and reading scores from tests given last spring to nine-year-old students.  The tests, called long-term trend assessments, were limited in sample size, age-based, and did not provide state-level data.  Although the tests showed steep learning loss compared to results in 2019, the official analyses did not commit to a cause and effect attributable to pandemic-induced school closures. But the additional test results released in late October from the more comprehensive NAEP show that much more evidence. They leave little doubt about what everyone thought to be true: limited exposure to in-person learning had a devastating effect on learning. 

Electric vehicles are worth considering

Every major automobile manufacturer is introducing new electric vehicle (EV) models, from high-end Cadillacs and BMWs to the humble Chevy Bolt. Until now, EVs have been seen as only affordable by those with higher incomes. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) will change this by making it cheaper to purchase an EV with upfront discounts or tax credits of up to $7,500 on new EVs and $4,000 on used ones.

Home and healthy for the holidays

So much has happened that has reshaped our world, from the pandemic and inflation to job layoffs and widespread violence around the globe — all of which can take a toll on how we feel physically and emotionally. As we gather with our loved ones at home or travel for the holiday season, it’s important to be mindful of our physical health as well as our mental health and overall well-being. 

Submitted: Opinion Draft Request

One thing I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving season is that, with the election behind us, we can finally stop talking about losers.

This excrement again

Say what you will about Washoe County commissioner Jeanne Herman — and I’m about to — but she is certainly a woman of deep convictions.

In Election '22, the Reid Machine showed it is very much alive

Six years after the eponymous head of the Democratic organization retired and less than a year after Harry Reid passed away, hobbled by know-nothing, talk-a-lot socialists who seized control of the means of production and couldn’t produce, the machine saved Cortez Masto and many others down the ballot.

Day of reckoning: Nevada voters remembered all they suffered the past two years

This is the first election in which me and a lot of partisan voters like me did not vote based on policy priorities and/or party affiliation. The formative events of the past few years and how they affected us, our families, and our communities largely informed how many of us voted: the COVID-19 pandemic and the government’s response, social unrest across the country arising out of anger toward the police over negligent policing, the birth of the “Big Lie” and the riots at the U.S. Capitol that followed, and the political turmoil that was precipitated by each all made their mark. 

The relentless failure of Trump-era Republican politics 

In a sane world, last week’s electoral results would have inflicted a mortal wound to the era of Trumpian GOP election politics. Unfortunately, like many of the candidates promoted by the GOP’s most popular political loser himself, our world is clearly not sane.

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