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Proposed Battle Born Opportunity Grant would offer need-based aid to university students; demand pegged at $126 million
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Oral history project will preserve stories of Latinos who shaped Southern Nevada
Yazmin Beltran
February 21st, 2019 - 2:00am
Latinx Voices of Southern Nevada, an initiative of the Oral History Research Center at UNLV, has set a goal of documenting stories from a cross section of Latinos in the Silver State, where almost 900,000 Hispanics reside.
Two years after veto, assemblywoman brings back bill to ban Nevada's use of private prisons
Michelle Rindels
February 20th, 2019 - 10:00am
In testimony for her 2017 private prison ban bill, she argued that private prisons have a perverse incentive to keep inmates behind bars longer rather than rehabilitate them, and supporters of her bill argued that private prison operations are less transparent than when they are under state control.
After bitter 2017 session, pharmaceutical companies host lawmakers in Napa, double down on campaign contributions
Megan Messerly
February 20th, 2019 - 2:20am
Drug companies, on the heels of a bitter fight over insulin pricing transparency legislation two years ago, more than doubled the campaign cash they doled out to Nevada lawmakers and parties in the 2018 election cycle and extended an invitation to legislative leaders to attend a biennial private fundraiser in California’s Napa Valley.
2-Minute Preview: Marijuana employment testing, prisoner ID cards and diaper vouchers on deck for lawmakers
Michelle Rindels, Megan Messerly and Riley Snyder
February 20th, 2019 - 2:15am
Lawmakers are hearing bills aimed at fixing issues with ID cards for prisoners, prohibiting employers from not hiring someone because they test positive for marijuana and a pilot program for adult day care and assisted living services in rural Nevada.
After background checks bill, lawmakers prepare wide variety of gun bills
Riley Snyder
February 20th, 2019 - 2:10am
Several Democratic lawmakers are working on proposals to ban bump stocks — a firearm accessory that mimics automatic weapons fire, used in the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas — as well as creating penalties for leaving a firearm accessible to children and allowing municipalities to set their own regulations on guns. But it’s still unclear whether lawmakers will move to address Sisolak’s campaign promises to ban assault rifles and silencers.
Insurers would be required to cover out-of-network doctors under new legislation
Megan Messerly
February 20th, 2019 - 2:05am
Health insurance companies may soon be required to cover out-of-network doctor’s visits at no additional cost to patients if no in-network physician is readily accessible under a new proposal put forward by Assemblywoman Ellen Spiegel.
Apartments, multi-family housing could tap into rooftop solar under proposed bill
Riley Snyder
February 19th, 2019 - 2:15am
Introduced Monday, SB167 would amend the definitions of a “public utility” and “net metering” in Nevada law to enable renewable generating stations in an apartment or multi-family dwelling to tap into the state’s current net metering program.
2-Minute Preview: An education budget overview, red light cameras and vaccination rules
Michelle Rindels and Megan Messerly
February 19th, 2019 - 2:10am
Lawmakers will get a crash course on education funding and Nevada’s property tax system on Tuesday, in addition to considering the idea of speed-detecting cameras to help enforce the law. Here’s what to watch for on Tuesday at the Legislature.
Amid broad support from medical community, donor breast milk bill attracts questions over cost, regulatory oversight
Megan Messerly
February 19th, 2019 - 2:07am
Neonatal doctors, hospitals and donor breast milk companies testified Monday in favor of a bill they said would greatly reduce the number of premature babies in Nevada that die from serious intestinal disease, though questions remain over the cost of the proposal.