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Introducing our 2024 Nevada Elections Guide

Riley Snyder
Riley Snyder
Election 2024Elections

I know what you’re thinking.

2024? Already? Didn’t we just have an election less than a year ago? What’s wrong with you people?

While I don’t have a good answer for that last question, we are nonetheless excited to launch the 2024 edition of our Elections Guide, featuring key election information voters need to know ahead of Nevada’s three upcoming presidential primary contests this February.

The initial version of the page is entirely focused on the presidential primary races — including information on the Democratic and Republican primary elections, the Nevada GOP caucus, an elections-focused FAQ and an explainer on the differences between a primary and caucus.

In the coming days, we’ll also roll out our 2024 version of our presidential candidate visit tracker, which contains information on when and where candidates have visited the Silver State. 

This is a first edition of our election guide — it’s our hope that as more information becomes available closer to the February contests, we’ll be able to share more information on where, when and how to vote in either the primary or the caucus. And as 2024 rolls on, we’ll be updating the page to reflect the June primary and November general elections.

Moreover, we are hoping to build on our past election coverage and shift the focus of our coverage away from standard horse race coverage to the information that’s most valuable and useful to voters of both major political parties. You also can sign up for our Indy 2024 newsletter, which publishes weekly on (most) Tuesdays.

This page wouldn’t be possible without contributions from team members including reporters Sean Golonka, Gabby Birenbaum and Tabitha Mueller, and especially from Chief Technology Officer C.J. Keeney, who did the backend work to put this guide together. They and other members of Team Indy will be hard at work keeping this page updated and a helpful resource ahead of next year’s elections.

It’s our hope that this page can be a useful resource for Nevada voters and others interested in our state’s election process. We are, as always, open to feedback and suggestions on our election coverage. From now through Election Day, feel free to get in touch with us via email ([email protected]) with tips, ideas, corrections or any suggestions. 


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