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Lee to vote to impeach Trump

Congresswoman Susie Lee, (D-Nev.), speaks during the "Red For Ed" rally at Grant Sawyer State Building on Monday, Feb. 18, 2019. (Jeff Scheid/The Nevada Independent)

Two days after saying she was undecided, Rep. Susie Lee announced that she will vote to impeach President Donald Trump, who is expected to join President Andrew Johnson and President Bill Clinton as the third in history to be impeached by the House next week. 

“After weighing all of the facts, I will be voting in support of impeachment of the president,” Lee, a Democrat, said in a statement.

Her announcement came after the House Judiciary Committee Friday approved, on a party-line 23 to 17 vote, articles of impeachment sending them to the full House. A vote is expected Wednesday. The two articles include abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Democratic Rep. Dina Titus also has announced that she plans to vote for the articles. Reps. Steven Horsford, a Democrat, and Mark Amodei, a Republican, have not said how they will vote.

Lee said that before coming to the conclusion, she “carefully deliberated and comprehensively reviewed the facts presented by the respective committees, witnesses, and available evidence, as well as reviewed the Constitution and the Articles of Impeachment themselves.”

Democrats allege that Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine to pressure the nation to interfere in the 2020 election against a political rival.

“The facts are clear: the President abused the power of his office and blatantly obstructed Congress,” she continued.

“This is a solemn decision,” Lee said.  ”I end with this: democracies live and die by the integrity of our elections. We have lived in relative peace on our soil for over two centuries in the strongest democracy on earth.  It is my constitutional duty to ensure that it remains that way."

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