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We are proud to have become the place where you can find smart viewpoints on a variety of topics, political and otherwise. (Of course, EVERYTHING is political, but that’s another story.)

We are thrilled that people you have heard of and many you have not come to us to present their opinions on issues important to Nevadans. Frankly, we are often inundated with op-eds and have to triage. That’s a good problem to have.

But there are some pieces we will not publish, and I want to make our policy clear.

For the year preceding the election, we will not publish op-eds by candidates or from people promoting candidates. And we have never been open to publishing pieces by presidential candidates or their gushers.

I’ll tell you why: We don’t think those kinds of pieces add anything to the dialogue and most often they are simply written with the thinly disguised intent to promote a candidacy. They do not help voters.

Like all of our policies, we are open to feedback, and we want to know if you have any arguments against what we are doing, whatever it may be. Like Frasier, we’re listening.

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