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Tracking campaign ads: We've got a page for that

The 2020 Democratic presidential field honors former Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid during the First-In-The-West Event in Las Vegas on Sunday, Nov. 17, 2019. (Jeff Scheid/The Nevada Independent)

It’s not just Tom Steyer.

The presidential campaign ads in Nevada have been airing for months and are about to get more ubiquitous. And we are here to help.

As part of our continuing effort to give you as much information about the candidates as we can and to put that information in context, today we launched a campaign ad tracker. This will complement our presidential candidate visit and endorsement trackers — and extend down the ballot, too.

We have created an archive of 2020 ads that we will be updating in as close to real time as possible — starting with the race for the White House and including contests for Congress and the Legislature. And the page has filters, too — you can hone your results by candidate, by issue, by party, by group, by tone (positive/negative) and by language (English/Spanish).

We want your help, too. If you see an ad we haven’t posted, let us know by emailing me at [email protected]. We want this page to be as comprehensive as possible, and as always, we welcome assistance and feedback from our readers.

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