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IndyMatters Episode 163: Refugees coming to America and what's going on in DC post-election
November 20, 2020

This week on IndyMatters, host Joey Lovato and assistant editor Michelle Rindels have a story about refugees in the U.S. and in Nevada. After that producer Jacob Solis talks with our man in D.C., reporter Humberto Sanchez, about what's going on in the nation's capital and what the role of Nevada will be like under the new administration. At the end of the show we talk with photographer Daniel Clark about his time with The Indy as we pull back the curtain and get to know some of the people that work with us a little better. We also have a COVID-19 update for listeners from reporter Megan Messerly.

0:00 - Intro

1:13 - Refugee resettlement 

10:00 - What’s going on in D.C.

19:09 - Get to know The Indy: Photographer Daniel Clark

24:13 - Covid update

32:26 - Outro/Credits

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