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Congresswoman Jackie Rosen (NV-03) at her Henderson office on Wednesday July 5, 2017. (Jeff Scheid/The Nevada Independent)

As Senate Republicans take steps to clear a major hurdle on an effort to overhaul the federal tax code, Nevada Democratic Senate candidate Rep. Jacky Rosen is launching a new tax-focused digital ad targeting Republican Sen. Dean Heller.

The 23-second digital ad entitled “Trust” is scheduled to start appearing on Facebook on Friday, and contrasts statements made by Heller in 2011 about the dangers of increasing the federal deficit with the projected impact of the Republican-led tax overhaul bill.

The ad prominently features a 2011 interview with Heller on Nevada Newsmakers, saying that “our biggest security threat today is our debt.”

It also includes footage of Heller’s 2011 “maiden” speech in the Senate, imploring the federal government to “stop spending money we do not have,” before contrasting it with news coverage of the current Senate tax bill’s effects on the federal deficit. The nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation estimated Thursday that the bill would raise $458 billion in tax revenue over the next decade, but increase the deficit by roughly $1 trillion.

“This reckless tax bill represents yet another broken promise from Senator Heller and more proof that Nevadans can’t trust him,” Rosen campaign manager Danny Kazin said in a statement. “Dean Heller said our debt was the biggest security threat facing America, and now he supports adding $1 trillion to the debt to give tax cuts to his ultra-wealthy donors.”

Heller’s office did not respond to a request for comment about the ad. The Republican, who holds one of the most vulnerable Senate seats in the nation, has been a staunch supporter of efforts to overhaul the tax code and has appeared at multiple public events to tout the benefits of the bill.

“There are more Nevadans living paycheck to paycheck today than most other states,” he said at an event on Wednesday. “These are some of the reasons, and important reasons to me, why tax reform needs to happen.”

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