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Progressive group targets Amodei in ad over GOP tax law

Humberto Sanchez
Humberto Sanchez
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A new ad from the liberal group Not One Penny targets Rep. Mark Amodei for voting in favor of the $1.5 trillion tax cut passed by Republicans late last year and calls on him to vote to repeal it.

"There is no appetite for tax cuts for wealthy corporations, millionaires, and billionaires, across the political spectrum,” Tim Hogan, spokesperson for Not One Penny said in an email. “The fact that the GOP tax law lines the pockets of the rich at the expense of the working class is toxic. From stock buybacks to tax cuts for pharmaceutical companies, this bill was aimed at helping those who need it least, while middle class families will face a tax increase in the long run."

Amodei’s campaign could not be immediately reached for comment. It’s unclear how effective the ad will be. Amodei’s seat is considered safe Republican by political prognosticators, such as Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia.

The ad claims that the GOP tax law gives the top one percent of earners a tax cut equivalent to what the “average Joe” makes in a year, about $51,000.

“And thanks to Amodei’s vote, the majority of Joes will end up paying more,” the ad said.

The ad points to a CNBC story from November that cites the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, which said that by 2025, 50 percent of taxpayers would pay higher taxes than before the GOP tax law took effect. The individual tax cuts expire after 2025.  

The ad ends by urging voters to “Tell Mark Amodei, repeal the tax break for the 1 percent.”

The ad comes as Democrats have signaled that they would revamp the tax law were they to reclaim control of Congress.

At an event Wednesday hosted by Not One Penny, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Democrats would work with Republicans on a bipartisan “tax bill that creates growth, creates good paying jobs, as it reduces the deficit,” should they win back the House, according to The Washington Times.

Senate Democrats have said they want to redirect the cuts for the wealthy to pay for updating the nation’s infrastructure.

“Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats aren’t even hiding it: they are hell-bent on ripping away the windfall of middle class tax cuts, bonuses, pay raises, benefits, and new jobs fueled by the tax reform law,” said Jack Pandol, spokesman for National Republican Congressional Committee, which is focused on electing Republicans to the House. “The stakes couldn’t be clearer: Democrats want to raise our taxes; Republicans want you to keep more of your hard-earned money.”

Republicans have also celebrated the many headlines spurred by the tax law that led many businesses to give bonuses to employees. They also have homed in on Pelosi’s characterization of the benefits to the middle class as “crumbs” compared to the benefits to corporations. The GOP has argued that her comment is elitist and out of touch with working families.

Not One Penny—a coalition, including,  that formed to advocate against the GOP tax law—spent $100,000 to air the ad through April 16 in Reno. The group currently has ads up in other congressional races in states including Iowa, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


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