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A note from the editor on the coronavirus

The Washoe County Administration Complex on Friday, March 6, 2020 before a press conference with Washoe County officials addressing the county's first presumptive case of COVID-19. (David Calvert/The Nevada Independent)

Like most news organizations, The Indy has all hands on deck to cover the coronavirus pandemic. We don’t have as many hands as some news organizations, but our team of reporters and interns is dedicated to providing you information you need in as easily digestible a format as we can.

In so doing, we are abiding by our overall guiding principles: deep and substantive reporting that makes transparent what is often opaque. In this special case, we know many of you are confused or even angry about the flood of information, wondering what is true, what is hysteria, what is conspiracy-mongering.

Our goal is to calm the waters, to neither overstate or understate what is happening. We also want to make your navigation of the site as simple as possible, so we have placed our main, ongoing stories on two live blogs:

This one will give you the latest on the spread of the disease in Nevada, complete with a spreadsheet detailing the basic facts of each of the cases as we know them.

This one is focused on the economic consequences of the pandemic on a state so dependent on tourism.

We are posting standalone stories, too, when merited, such as the outlook for testing and care in rural Nevada, the Culinary’s proposal to the casinos to protect workers and the preparations being made by food security groups.

We are all working hard to do the best we can with our limited resources. We know there may be holes, and we want to fill them with your help. As always I welcome your feedback and am humbled by your support.

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