Students stand in the hallway Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at Richard C. Priest Elementary School in North Las Vegas. Clark County School District designated the school as a turnaround after being one of the slowest-performing elementary schools in the state. (Jeff Scheid/The Nevada Independent)

Editor’s note: Seven days. Never enough hours.

Stacks of paperwork at the office and piles of laundry at home. It’s a never-ending cycle, which makes it difficult to stay on top of the endless news nuggets flowing from the White House, state capital, local government and business community.

We get it — and we’re in the news business.

Enter “About Last Week.” This is our way of bringing news-hungry but time-strapped readers up to speed on happenings that may have flown under the radar. Our promise: We’ll keep it brief.

Our hope: You’ll read (or skim) and keep checking back every Monday.

So, without further ado, here are some noteworthy things that happened in Nevada last week.

Clark County School District makes registration push for 2018-2019 academic year

Southern Nevada students still have six more weeks before summer, but the Clark County School District is already reminding parents to enroll their children for next year.

Families who already live here and have children in the school district can register — which essentially means updating information — using the Parent Portal via Infinite Campus. To register children who are new to the school district, families can begin that process online at

The push to get families registering their children sooner rather than later is tied to funding.

“The new method of funding essentially turns every school day into a ‘count day,’” Student Records Services Director Greg Manzi said in a statement. “We are funded based on the average of the total enrollment of each school day. Students not enrolled by the first day have a direct impact on funding.”

The first day of the 2018-2019 school year is Aug. 13.

The district’s student enrollment, as of April 5, stands at 327,049. District officials project a district-wide enrollment of 323,582 students next year.

The district plans to open four new elementary schools in August to ease crowding in parts of the valley experiencing growth.

— Jackie Valley

Rosen paints herself as protector of Dreamers in new digital ad

Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen, who’s running for U.S. Senate, launched digital ads Friday, marking her first major digital ad buy in this election year.

The 30-second and 15-second ads, which are in English and Spanish, describe Rosen’s background working as a waitress, becoming the first in her family to graduate college, launching a career in software development and, ultimately, joining Congress. The ads then highlight her record to protect young, undocumented immigrants known as DREAMers.

“Jacky understands that dreaming is not sleeping,” the narrator says in the ad. “It’s working, sacrificing, saving. That’s what DREAMers do — step by step with grit and faith.”

Rosen’s deputy campaign manager, Mariela Hernandez, noted in a news release that the congresswoman hasn’t stopped fighting for DREAMers because she’s running to “be a champion for Nevada’s hardworking families.”

The ads will appear on local websites such as El Tiempo and El Mundo that serve Nevada’s Latino community and eventually on platforms like YouTube and Hulu Latino. The user’s browser language settings will determine whether the digital ad plays in English or Spanish.

Rosen is challenging Republican incumbent Dean Heller in the Senate race.

— Jackie Valley

Enjoying nature will cost a few more George Washingtons

Prepare to pay more at your beloved national parks.

The National Park Service announced last week that it was raising entrance fees to address aging infrastructure and improve the visitor experience. The change follows a fee proposal released in October for public comment.

Starting June 1, most seven-day vehicle passes to enter national parks will increase by $5.

The fee increases are hitting some popular national parks within driving distance of Las Vegas.

Entrance fees at Lake Mead National Recreation Area will jump from $40 to $45 for a park-specific annual pass, $20 to $25 per vehicle; $10 to $15 per person; and $15 to $20 per motorcycle.

Zion National Park’s new fees will be $70 for a park-specific annual pass, which is a $20 increase, and $35 per vehicle, $20 per person and $30 per motorcycle. The latter three passes were increased by $5.

The Grand Canyon National Park fees are rising as well, from $60 to $70 for a park-specific annual pass; $30 to $35 per vehicle; $15 to $20 per person; and $25 to $30 per motorcycle.

Park officials said 80 percent of the fee money will stay in the park where it is collected. The rest will remain within the National Park Service.

Attendance has increased at national parks, with 1.5 billion visits over the last five years, which has rendered maintenance and upgrades necessary, officials said.

“Repairing infrastructure is also about access for all Americans,” Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said in a statement. “Not all visitors to our parks have the ability to hike with a 30-pound pack and camp in the wilderness miles away from utilities. In order for families with young kids, elderly grandparents, or persons with disabilities to enjoy the parks, we need to rebuild basic infrastructure like roads, trails, lodges, restrooms and visitors centers.”

— Jackie Valley

INDY FAST FACTS Jacky Rosen Job: Member of the U.S. House of Representatives Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District Party: Democrat In current office: 2017-present Birthdate: August 2, 1957 Education: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (B.A.) Other public offices held: None Total donations: $9,013,380 (1/1/16-5/23/18) Top donors: EMILY's List $178,768 League of Conservation Voters $80,270 DE Shaw & Co $69,500 University of Nevada $40,038 Omni New York $32,400 Last Report: 6/11/18 Credit: Center for Responsive Politics
INDY FAST FACTS Dean Heller Job: U.S. Senator Party: Republican In current office: 2011-present Birthdate: May 10, 1960 Education: University of Southern California (B.A.) Other public offices held: Member of the U.S. House of Representatives Nevada's 2nd Congressional District (2007-2011) Nevada Secretary of State (1995-2007) State Assemblyman (1990-1994) Total donations: $24,223,634 (1/1/05-5/23/18) Top donors: Station Casinos $117,900 Votesane PAC $92,000 MGM Resorts International $74,500 Blackstone Group $48,400 Capital Group $38,800 Credit: Center for Responsive Politics

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