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Audio story: Voters weigh in on caucus day

Caucusgoers group up for specific candidates and are counted by the precinct secretary at Wooster High School in Reno on Feb. 22 (Joey Lovato/The Nevada Independent)

On Saturday, it finally happened: Nevada’s presidential caucus came and went, and it largely skirted past the vote-counting nightmare of the Iowa caucuses earlier this month. 

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing, either — and with announcements, this week from Gov. Steve Sisolak and former Sen. Harry Reid that may spell doom for future caucuses, Nevada’s 2020 effort will likely form a coda to the 12-year-long, first-in-the-west caucus era. 

As the national media turns its attention to South Carolina and the coming delegate wave of Super Tuesday, The Nevada Independent wanted to give one last look to a few of the dozens of Nevada voters who spoke to our team before and after the caucuses.

In this audio story, Multimedia Editor Joey Lovato and Reporter Jacob Solis walk through some of the voter voices that punctuated The Independent’s caucus coverage.

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Some of the voters we talked to:

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