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Former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks at IBEW Local 357 on Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020. (Jeff Scheid/The Nevada Independent)

Former Vice President Joe Biden is back on television in Nevada with two new ads, the first of his general election campaign in the Silver State.

Two ads, which will run in Las Vegas and Reno, focus on the country’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, particularly among the elderly. The campaign will spend $14.5 million on the ads this week in Nevada and other battleground states, including Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The Biden campaign was not immediately able to provide the size of the campaign’s buy in Nevada.

In one of the ads, a minute-long spot titled “Didn’t Matter,” a Wisconsin woman shares her story about losing her grandma, Susana Martinez, to COVID-19

“The president made a huge mistake in downplaying this virus. There was a lack of leadership, a lack of responsibility, and a lack of resources,” the woman, Jessica, says in the ad. “I felt like our elderly have not been a priority for this administration, that they don’t matter.”

A second 15-second spot titled “Dignity,” narrated by Biden, focuses more generally on seniors in America.

“Our seniors, that are being hit the hardest, let’s start by caring for aging parents and loved ones, making their homes safer, but more importantly giving them the peace of mind, helping them live independently” Biden says in the ad. “Everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity. Everyone.”

The campaign will also run short digital ads on Facebook focused on seniors, including Biden’s plans to lower drug costs and expand Medicare to those aged 60.

The most recent public poll of Nevada from January, before Biden secured the Democratic presidential nomination, had the former vice president 8 percentage points ahead of President Donald Trump. Nationally, Biden is leading by about 9.1 percentage points, according to the latest polling average from Real Clear Politics.

Watch the ads below:

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