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Marijuana plants grow in a climate controlled environment at the Premium Produce grow facility in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018. (Jeff Scheid/The Nevada Independent)

The independent marijuana testing facility CANNEX Nevada LLC remains closed almost two weeks after the Department of Taxation shut it down “pending review of its lab practices” after the facility cleared marijuana with higher-than-acceptable levels of yeast, mold and aspergillus.

Department spokeswoman Eden Collings told The Nevada Independent on Tuesday that the Las Vegas facility was still not open, and that the agency was “unable to provide further comment until the review is complete.”

The department discovered the contaminated marijuana after it failed another independent laboratory’s secondary microbial test. The Dec. 27 announcement of CANNEX’s closure came after previous incidents of inaccurate lab reports at businesses elsewhere in the state and amidst arguments for stricter regulations.

Six dispensaries in Carson City, Las Vegas and Mesquite reportedly stocked the marijuana in question from Dec 5-27, 2019.

Taxation officials warned consumers to check the batch and lot number on the marijuana labels to see whether they matched the labels of the affected marijuana.

Although there have not been any reports of illness, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said there could be health impacts from consuming the affected marijuana. People with suppressed immune systems are most at risk from the contamination, and the state advised concerned individuals to reach out to their physician with any questions.

The products are undergoing additional testing at a laboratory that is under the oversight of the Marijuana Enforcement Division. 

The batch and lot numbers for contaminated marijuana are: 

  • F1D19IslandOG3051619/ 1A40403000002A5000042651
  • F3D19LemonMeringue053019/ 1A40403000002A5000046114
  • THC BOMB-10-19-2019-H251/ 256-BUD-A
  • 082119B56/ ABZK02 
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