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New ad attacks Duncan for attending AR-15 auction days after mass shooting

Republican candidate for Attorney General Wes Duncan speaks during a campaign event inside the Clark County Republican Party offices in Las Vegas on Wednesday, May 30, 2018. Daniel Clark/The Nevada Independent

Focus: Republican attorney general candidate Wes Duncan

Who’s paying for it: Democratic attorney general candidate Aaron Ford

Size of buy: Six figures

When it starts: Oct. 18

Where it’s running: Las Vegas

The gist: The 30-second ad centers around an audio recording of an auction for an AR-15 style rifle at the 2018 Carson City Republican Party Lincoln Day dinner in February, about four months after the mass shooting on the Las Vegas strip and three days after a mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

The ad states that Duncan attended the fundraiser and auction, listing the final price of the auctioned-off firearm and stating the former assemblyman is “auctioning off our lives for $750.” Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock used several AR-15 style rifles during his deadly rampage in 2017.

“Wes Duncan’s lack of judgment is stunning and callous,” Ford’s campaign manager Jessica Adair said in a statement. “What kind of person raises money for political gain by auctioning off the same type of used in so many mass shootings just 17 days after the autopsy reports of the October 1 victims were released and 3 days after the Parkland shooting? This type of behavior shows, once again, Duncan to be unfit to serve as Nevada Attorney General.”

Duncan said in a statement responding to the ad that it used a “fabricated” photo and someone else’s voice, and that it was inappropriate to use the mass shooting in a political ad.

“Aaron Ford’s ad callously exploits the pain of 58 families who just experienced the worst year of their lives all for the sake of his political ambition and desperation to win. This ‘say anything, do anything’ brand of gutter politics reveals what voters will confirm for him on November 6th: that he is bereft of substance, devoid of character, and lacks the moral leadership to serve the state as the next Attorney General,” he said.

Watch the ad below:

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