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New PAC launches pro-Laxalt ads

Attorney General Adam Laxalt, Republican candidate for Nevada governor, speaks with supporters during a campaign event inside the Clark County Republican Party offices in Las Vegas on Wednesday, May 30, 2018. (Daniel Clark/The Nevada Independent)

A new PAC is running an ad campaign boosting Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt’s record on K-12 education.

The group, “Building a Stronger Nevada,” is running one 30-second spot largely highlighting Laxalt’s K-12 education plan, which he released back in April

“As a father of young children, Adam Laxalt knows education is the key to Nevada’s future,” the ad states. “That's why Laxalt has a plan to strengthen public education, making sure Nevada schools are properly funded, promoting reading and early-age literacy, expanding reforms started under Governor (Brian) Sandoval, and empowering parents and educators by promoting accountability and greater access to teacher scholarships.”

Claims in the ad almost entirely cite Laxalt’s K-12 education proposal, an eight-point plan to build on Sandoval’s changes to the state’s education system, creating new incentives for teachers, expanding charter schools and scholarships for non-public schools and improving campus safety.

But Democratic critics have long attacked the attorney general’s pledge to repeal the Commerce Tax — a $400 million tax on gross business revenue over $4 million championed by Sandoval in 2015 — as counter to his promise to not reduce education funding. Sandoval, who is term-limited, has said he wouldn’t support any candidate who seeks to repeal the tax and that doing so would be “devastating” for Nevada.

The PAC itself was registered with the Nevada secretary of state on June 1, and didn’t report any spending or fundraising ahead of the state’s June 12 primary election. Under the state’s campaign finance reporting rules, it won’t have to disclose any donors or how much it has spent until Oct. 16.

A spokesperson for the PAC declined to comment on who was funding the group.

According to a document filed with the Federal Communications Commission, the group has spent around $37,000 in the Las Vegas area to air the ad, which has run in both June and July.

Correction 7/10/2018 at 4:33 p.m.: An earlier story stated that the Building a Stronger Nevada PAC was affiliated with the Nevada Home Builders Association. The two PACs have the same registered agent, but a spokesperson said the homebuilders group isn't funding or otherwise connected to Building a Stronger Nevada.

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