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Rural Eureka County plans to cease work-at-home for county employees

An aerial view of center-pivot irrigation in Diamond Valley, one of the basins that the state engineer wants to bring into balance. (Photo courtesy of Thomas W. Young for Eureka County)

Officials in rural Eureka County are planning to send county employees back to work on Monday and end work-at-home procedures.

Members of the Eureka County Commission voted to approve an “Interim Work Plan” for county employees on Wednesday that will require them report to county offices on Monday while still following social-distancing and other safety precautions designed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Eureka County, which is the northeastern part of the state and has a population just over 2,000, has no reported positive COVID-19 cases.

The county sent the three-page work plan to all county employees that includes the following provisions:

  • Employees encouraged not to report to work if they feel ill
  • Hand sanitizer provided to each office, masks and gloves distributed to each employee upon request
  • Keep all exterior doors of public buildings closed and locked, and all interior doors closed
  • Make county services by appointment only, limit to one customer transaction at a time
  • Prohibit employees from congregating in the interior of a public building and “make every effort” to remain at least six feet away from other employees or members of the public

“For now, these are the best available requirements to ensure the health and safety of everyone while we take a step back to normal work conditions, and we expect all of you to diligently work to abide by these requirements and carry them out,” the letter stated.

Eureka County Commission Deputy Clerk Jackie Berg also said in an email that the commission approved a “Community Testing Plan” recommended by the county board of health to voluntarily test individuals with symptoms of or known exposure to the coronavirus.

Berg said the commission did not take any action or issue recommendations for private businesses, but are asking private businesses in the county to submit health and safety protocols related to reopening to the County Commission and county health board for review by May 6.

EuCo Interim Work Plan &... by Riley Snyder on Scribd

EuCo Interim Work Plan &... by Riley Snyder on Scribd

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