Judge grants injunction against smoking ban

After an hour-long hearing on Tuesday, June 26, Clark County District Judge William Kephart granted a restraining order and preliminary injunction against a ballot initiative petition that would outlaw smoking in casinos, private apartments and townhomes, and other outdoor areas in Mesquite.
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EPA administrator visits Nevada silver-gold mine

LOVELOCK — An agency that encourages stewardship over prohibition is the Environmental Protection Agency that Administrator Scott Pruitt represented to the Nevada mining industry on Feb. 5.
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Laxalt Visits Ely on Statewide Tour

At a crowd inside the Hotel Nevada meeting room, Adam Laxalt announced what many already knew. The 39-year-old Republican Attorney General is running for Governor. Laxalt’s run for Governor...
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Laxalt rallies supporters on rural tour

It was boots on the ground, most of them in the rural parts of the state, that carried Adam Laxalt past Ross Miller in the race for attorney general in 2014. Monday, on the 18th stop of the “Laxalt 17,” Laxalt’s statewide tour that kicked off his...
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Attorney General kicks off rural campaign in Lovelock

After announcing his run for governor in Las Vegas, Adam Laxalt kicked off his rural campaign at the Temptations delicatessen in Lovelock. About 25 people, mostly Republicans, were there to greet him. Residents said they'll support the Attorney General for his efforts to assist the rural community.
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“Laxalt 17” tour pauses in Winnemucca

The whirlwind “Laxalt 17” road tour snagged on a construction delay between Lovelock and Winnemucca, but Nevada Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt walked into the Martin Hotel in Winnemucca ready to greet the waiting crowd.
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City of Mesquite set to sue Clark County School District

The Mesquite City Council unanimously approved a resolution at its Tuesday, Sept. 12, meeting requiring the city attorney to sue the Clark County School District for allegedly violating state law when the district intentionally reduced funding for the current school year, specifically at Virgin Valley Elementary School.
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