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State says it’s working to fix issue of missing $600 federal unemployment benefit

In Downtown Reno, an Eldorado Resort Casino employee posts a sign on the door announcing that they will be temporarily suspending operations minutes before midnight on Tuesday night, March 17, 2020, following an executive order from the Governor in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. (David Calvert/The Nevada Independent)

State officials say an error in the unemployment insurance system has delayed a $600 weekly federal payment owed to claimants.

The Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation issued a statement on Tuesday acknowledging the problem disrupting the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) payments, which are scheduled to lapse. Claimants have reported the federal payments were not made for the week ending July 25, which is the last week for which it is available, and they only received the lower base pay amount.

“DETR has identified an error in the UI system and staff is working to correct the issue,” the agency said. “The issue is expected to be resolved tomorrow and all payments will be caught up shortly after the issue is resolved. DETR will share further updates if additional issues arise.”

FPUC payments, which come in tandem with lower base unemployment checks paid through standard state unemployment insurance or the Pandemic Unemployment, were authorized by Congress but are being discontinued this month. Negotiations over whether to extend the benefit in whole or in part are ongoing in Congress.

DETR officials also assured claimants who have not yet been paid that they will still receive the benefit for prior weeks if they are owed the money.

“All claimants who are eligible for the federal pandemic unemployment compensation payment will be paid the benefit, including those eligible for retroactive benefits,” the agency said.

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