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PAC launches six-figure attack against Roberson, chaired by former Republican state senator

State Sen. Patricia Farley speaks about the opioid crisis in her family during a press conference at Roseman Summerlin Campus on Wednesday, September 27, 2017. (Jeff Scheid/The Nevada Independent)

A PAC headed by a former Republican state senator is up with a new campaign targeting lieutenant governor candidate and Republican state Senate Leader Michael Roberson.

Nevada Values PAC, which is affiliated with the left-leaning 501(c)(4) nonprofit Battle Born Progress, is up with a new digital ad and website attacking Roberson as the “Walk Out King,” — a reference to a breakdown in budgetary negotiations near the tail-end of the 2017 Legislature.

The website,, claims the Republican state senator threw a “temper tantrum” and walked out during budget votes after failed negotiations in funding for the state’s Education Savings Account program — which would allocate grants for parents to spend at private and parochial schools with no income limits.

The PAC is running digital banner and video ads and is spending at least six figures on the advertising buy in conjunction with another PAC run by the Nevada State Education Association, which will produce similarly-themed mail pieces. Annette Magnus, the PAC’s registered agent, said it will run ads supporting Roberson’s Democratic opponent Kate Marshall later this week.

Although the PAC has been registered with the state since 2014, it amended its registration paperwork earlier this month to add a new president — state Sen. Patricia Farley.

Farley, who isn’t running for re-election, was elected to the state Senate as a Republican in 2014 but changed her party affiliation to nonpartisan and caucused with Democrats during the 2017 Legislature. She blamed the party switch on Roberson, saying he acted with “discrimination, with hate, and with total and solely self-promotion.”

In an interview, Farley said she was still registered as a nonpartisan, and agreed to become involved with the PAC as long as she considered its messaging to be accurate.

“As long as it’s factual information getting out to the voters, whether its Republican or Democratic, I support it,” she said.

Farley was one of three state senators targeted for a recall in an effort championed by Roberson, though the effort failed to garner enough signatures to qualify. Recalls targeting Democratic state senators Nicole Cannizzaro and Joyce Woodhouse were also deemed short of signatures needed to qualify by a Clark County District Court judge in April; the case is being appealed to the Nevada Supreme Court.

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