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Poll: Lombardo, Sisolak essentially tied; Biden remains under water in Nevada

Humberto Sanchez
Humberto Sanchez
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Fresh from a dominant Republican primary win, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo is essentially tied with Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak, according to a poll commissioned by the influential conservative super PAC Club For Growth. 

Forty-eight percent of voters said they would vote for Lombardo, compared to 47 percent for Sisolak.

Well within the poll’s 4.4 percent margin of error, Lombardo’s slight edge indicates that the state’s gubernatorial race could be decided by a small margin, similar to what is expected in the state’s Senate race.

A Nevada Independent/OH Predictive Insights poll in April showed Sisolak with a 9-point lead over Lombardo.

The Club for Growth’s poll also highlighted a significant hurdle that Sisolak faces in the general election: President Joe Biden’s lack of popularity in Nevada. The poll found that only 39 percent of respondents viewed him as very favorable or somewhat favorable, while 55 percent see Biden as very unfavorable or somewhat unfavorable. 

A Nevada Independent/OH Predictive Insights poll in April showed that 52 percent of Nevada voters said they disapproved of the job Biden has done, and 43 percent approved.

The poll also found opinions essentially split on former president Donald Trump, with 47 percent reporting a favorable impression of Trump and 50 percent with an unfavorable impression.

Club for Growth’s poll was conducted by DC-based WPA Intelligence using live telephone interviews between June 4 and June 6. It surveyed 502 likely voters, of which 36 percent were registered Democrats, 35 percent were registered Republicans and 29 percent were nonpartisan or other. The state’s most recent voter registration statistics show 33 percent registered Democrat, 30 percent Republican and 37 percent nonpartisan or other.

Thirty-four percent of those surveyed identified as conservative, 21 percent as liberal and 26 percent as moderates. 


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