The Independent Poll: Full results and crosstabs

Today’s poll on moving the capital to Las Vegas (70-21 against) is the last of our results from The Mellman Group, which will be conducting regular surveys for The Nevada Independent. Today, and at the end of every series of poll results, we will post the entire topline and crosstabs.
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Precinct returns prove exit polls wrong on Latino vote

Donald Trump’s win in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election caught many by surprise. To sort out how various demographic groups voted, close observers turned to the national exit poll by Edison Research, a staple of election night reporting and analysis. The exit poll dished up another shocker: It said Hillary Clinton picked up 66 percent of Latino votes, and Donald Trump earned 28 percent. What was so surprising about these figures?
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The Indy Explains: Why we hired Mark Mellman to conduct The Independent Poll

After we published our first Independent Poll by Mark Mellman, who has polled for many Democrats, Republican operative Logan Dobson posted this on Twitter: “This is your first of many reminders that the guy conducting surveys for The Nevada Independent is none other than Harry Reid's own pollster.” Dobson followed up his tweet casting aspersions on Mellman’s work, with this one: “a fact ‘not noted’ in the piece touting their first poll. I think it's a relevant fact!”
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