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NBC News linked to The Indy’s primer on today’s races.


Los Angeles Times quoted The Indy on our story about Harry Reid being treated for pancreatic cancer.


Vox reported on the Indy’s Mellman Group poll, noting Heller is neck and neck with his Democratic challenger Rep. Jacky Rosen.


The Hill reported on the Indy’s Mellman Group poll, noting Sen. Dean Heller (R) leads his Democratic challenger by just 1 point.


The Washington Post quoted The Indy on our story about Amodei defending his office’s response to a ‘vulgar’ phone call from a student.


NBC News linked to The Nevada Independent’s story on Tarkanian’s move to switch races after being urged to do so by Trump.


National Journal credited The Indy on our story announcing Ryan Bundy’s plan to run for governor.


Poynter highlights our Honest Abe scale and credits The Nevada Independent’s Riley Snyder as being “the only dedicated political fact-checker in Nevada.”


Major Garrett gives a shout-out to The Indy during testimony before….A House of Commons field hearing! It comes about 20:44:00. And note the question from the member afterward to reaffirm our name.


Indy Editor Jon Ralston is quoted in The New York Times on Steve Wynn after being accused of decades of sexual misconduct.


The Nevada Independent founder and Editor Jon Ralston comments on sexual misconduct and harassment accusations against Steve Wynn on CNBC’s “Fast Money.”


Fox News linked to the Indy’s story on the second woman that accused Kihuen of persistent, unwanted sexual advances.


The Hill mentioned Indy Editor Jon Ralston’s Tweet about Kihuen’s timeline to answer questions about the first evidence of his predatory behavior as a member of Congress.



CNN politics linked to The Indy’s story on the second woman that accused Kihuen of persistent, unwanted sexual advances.


BuzzFeed News linked to The Indy’s story on the second woman that accused Kihuen of persistent, unwanted sexual advances.


National Journal linked to The Nevada Independent‘s exclusive, via Megan Messerly, on a woman who says Rep. Ruben Kihuen harassed her for years with texts and unwanted touching.

These national media outlets also noted our story: MSNBC, PoliticoFox NewsWashington Post, The Hill, Huffington PostWashington Examiner, NY Daily News and Stars and Stripes


The Indy‘s fact checking system with the Abraham Lincoln cartoon was recognized by Duke Reporters’ Lab


MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show linked to our IndyTalks event featuring a one-on-one interview with The Indy Editor Jon Ralston and Governor Brian Sandoval.


The Washington Post credited The Nevada Independent on interviews with Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and Lt. Gov. Mark Hutchison. 


NPR credits The Nevada Independent on our story about ACLU suing to block proposed anti-sanctuary cities ballot measure.


The Indy‘s fact checking system was recognized by Duke Reporters’ Lab and added to their map.

They particularly noted our sliding true-to-false scale with cartoon versions of President Abraham Lincoln.


NPR credits The Nevada Independent on a story about a political action committee backed by Top Nevada Republican Senator Michael Roberson.


The Nevada Independent is mentioned in The Washington Post on an update from Sandoval on whether the state can share background check duty.


CJR praised The Nevada Independent and our freelancer Daniel Rothberg on the “clutch of original articles” on the Las Vegas mass shooting.


Columbia Journalism Review credited The Nevada Independent and praised Indy reporter Megan Messerly for jumping right into the Medicaid story and providing engaging reporting on a tough topic. (9/28/17)

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show quoted The Nevada Independent’s story on Gov. Brian Sandoval criticizing the Heller-sponsored health-care bill. (9/22/17)

Jalopnik quoted The Nevada Independent on the report that Nevada is done with Faraday Future. (9/21/2017)

The Hill credited The Nevada Independent with a key quote from Gov. Brian Sandoval (R). (9/21/2017)

The Washington Post credits The Nevada Independent with a remark Sen. Dean Heller made to a Hispanic group in Las Vegas. (8/24/2017)

Slate quoted The Indy’s article on the big money that will be spent to defend Sen. Dean Heller after his vote for the “skinny” Obamacare repeal. (8/4/2017)

NPR cited The Indy’s story on the Hansens making a joint announcement on plans to run for office. (8/3/2017)

Jalopnik credits The Nevada Independent on Faraday. (7/13/2017)

USA Today cited The Indy’s story on Jacky Rosen’s run for U.S. Senate. (7/6/2017)






Jon Ralston, editor of The Nevada Independent, sizes up what may be the most vulnerable Republican senator up in 2018 on Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie. (6/29/2017)






Nevada Independent editor Jon Ralston joined CBS NewsRed & Blue to break down Heller’s role in this health care fight — and whether it will affect his chances of re-election in 2018. (6/28/2017)

National Journal linked to The Nevada Independent‘s story on the DSCC going up with Google ads asking people to not “be fooled” by Heller’s news conference on the health care bill with Gov. Brian Sandoval.

Daily Kos picked it up when Indy editor Jon Ralston reported that Tark might jump into Nevada’s U.S. Senate race. (6/27/2017)

Slate interviewed Indy editor Jon Ralston re: Harry Reid’s departure from the political scene, what big GOP donors including Sheldon Adelson stand to gain from Obamacare repeal, and why Sen. Heller may yet prove to be a thorn in Sen. McConnell’s side. (6/26/2017)

Politifact includes The Indy‘s Fact Check feature and Honest Abe ratings scale in its curated list of fact checks around the web. (6/25/2017)

The Nevada Independent Editor, Jon Ralston, is quoted in The New York Times on a bold comment: Sen. Dean Heller does not like his job. (6/24/2017)

Nevada Independent editor Jon Ralston talks with channel 3’s Jeff Gillan about health care reform. (6/21/2017)




The Indy makes it to the Far East in the Macau Daily Times! (6/20/2017)




CBS Sports picked up on a tweet by reporter Jackie Valley re: a stunning demand by the Raiders. A few days later, Sheldon Adelson pulled out of the stadium deal, taking his $650 million with him. Here’s CBS’s clip of Jackie’s Tweet:

The Indy was all over Adelson’s withdrawal from the deal and editor Jon Ralston got the inside scoop on the unraveling.




Vegas Seven asked whether The Nevada Independent can give the Silver State a new voice? (We think so, yes…) (1/19/2017)




The L. A. Times included Megan Messerly’s terrific profile of incoming Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson, who originally hails from Compton, CA, in its Top Stories rundown:


, an editorially independent, nonprofit service of the American University School of Communication, did a write-up on our commitment to be bilingual news site. (1/18/2017)






On launch day, Yahoo News welcomed The Nevada Independent to the fast-moving, ever-changing world of political media. (1/17/2017)

The New York Times gave a nod to the launch of The Nevada Independent on the eve of its inception. (1/16/2017)












Desert Companion expanded on its initial blog post about The Nevada Independent. (1/1/2017)

Jon sat down with Desert Companion editor Andrew Kiraly to talk about the new venture. Andrew’s blog post quickly followed. (12/2/2016)












Neiman Journalism Lab talked with founder and editor Jon Ralston about the site, Nevada demographics, and the challenges of modern-day polling. (11/15/2016)



Politico got the scoop on the launch of the The Nevada Independent. (11/14/2016)

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