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How The Indy chronicles campaign ads

The Big Money behind the Super PAC TV ads that will influence the US Elections (Credit: cmannphoto on istock)

At The Indy, we are committed to giving voters as much useful information as we have the resources to produce.

That has included a consistent chronicling of digital and broadcast ads in major races, as you can see on IndyBlog here and here.

As we move into the homestretch of the election, barring recounts (bites tongue, prays, throws salt over shoulder), we and our relatively small but tireless staff have decided to prioritize and thus have changed the way we present campaign ads. As you can see here and here, we are now going to distill our presentations to give you the basics. And we now have a dedicated ads tab on our navigation bar so you can easily find new ads and our posts about them.

We will still provide context where needed and we plan to do longer takeouts if an ad is especially incendiary or opens a new line of attack. And we will fact-check as many as we can between now and Nov. 6.

As you will soon see, our reporters are working on deep dives in the major races, and this new approach to covering new ads will enable them to focus on those. We still believe providing a timeline of ads – and we literally will be embedding campaign timelines in our Elections pages soon – will help voters see the progression of campaigns and help them make judgments on what the spots say about the candidates and those who paid for them.

As always, we want your interaction: If you see something in an ad we might have missed or you think needs more explication, please email the reporter who wrote the post or contact me at [email protected]

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